On 8 April 2013 the City of Poznań and SUEZ Zielona Energia (then SITA Zielona Energia) signed
a contract for the implementation of the largest project in Poland under Public-Private Partnership. It is the first project of this type in the waste management sector. The Municipal Waste Thermal Treatment Plant (ITPOK), which is commonly known as waste incineration plant, has been built in Poznań according to the DBFO (Design-Build-Finance-Operate) formula.

The Public-Private Partnership regarding the Municipal Waste Thermal Treatment Plant in Poznań involves design, construction, financing and operation of the facility. As part of the cooperation, Poznań will transfer a plot of land for the construction of the plant to the private partner (SUEZ Zielona Energia), whereas the private partner will use its own funds to implement and manage the project for a period of 25 years. In the PPP contract, the City authorities undertook to provide sufficient quantities of waste to enable the incineration plant to function effectively throughout the term of the contract. From the beginning of the plant operation, the City of Poznań will settle accounts with the Private Partner covering the costs of the project and current operation of the plant. In exchange for the delivery of waste, SUEZ Zielona Energia is obliged to transfer the revenues from the sale of heat and electricity to the city budget.

By using the chosen project implementation formula the City of Poznań intends to use:

  • the Private Partner’s knowledge of technology, which is often referred to as know-how,
  • experience of the Private Partner in design, construction and operation of similar plants,
  • experience of the Private Partner in management of municipal waste thermal treatment plants


Obligations of SUEZ Zielona Energia:

  • design, financing, construction and management of the plant (estimated costs of the project – PLN 725 million)
  • transfer of revenues from the sale of electric and thermal energy to the City
  • management of the plant in accordance with the permits and the law in force
  • maintaining the plant in good technical condition
  • hand-over of ITPOK to the City after the expiry of the contract term


Obligations of the City:

  • hand-over of the plot for the plant construction
  • covering of the costs of disposal of 210 thousand tonnes of waste per annum