The City of Poznań together with 9 other communes founded a Union of Communes “Waste Management in Poznań and the surrounding area”. The aim of the Union is to introduce modern solutions in the field of waste management resulting from the tasks imposed on communes in 2011 by the Act on maintaining cleanliness and order in communes. The Union activities cover 738,000 residents who generated 273,000 tonnes of waste in 2010. on 27 August 2012 the Wielkopolskie Voivodeship Parliament approved the Voivodeship Waste Management Plan. According to this plan ITPOK in Poznań will be the only plant of this type dedicated to Region II and entered to the Voivodeship Waste Management Plan. The long-term waste management policy assumes that the amount of waste generated by the residents will systematically grow, and in 2023 it will reach about 330,000 tonnes in Region II.