The method of financing ITPOK in Poznań is innovative, that is why the project is one of the first undertakings of this type in Europe. The PPP contract has been drafted in such a way so as to allow for combining funds from the Private Partner with EU funds. At the same time the Private Partner guarantees to cover the costs of the entire project financing.


The funds for ITPOK implementation come from the SUEZ Zielona Energia shareholders’ own resources and long-term loans granted by the consortium of three Polish banks: PKO BP, Pekao S.A. and Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego. These entities undertake to finance the project in accordance with the tender requirements.

Thus the City will not bear any additional costs related to the construction of the plant. In April 2015 the City obtained a positive decision of the European Commission on granting of funds for the ITPOK project in the amount of PLN 330 million. Then the funds obtained substituted a part of loans drawn in banks, which consequently reduced the final costs of the project for the City and its residents.